PBGB, rather than being a band per se, is actually a collective of people who have, at one time or another, wandered into The Shed and played or recorded music.  The number of songs we can post  on the Juke Box is limited. We like it to  move with the times,  and we like to turn over songs on the Juke Box.  So whilst the PBGB archives hold many great songs, they don’t all appear on the  Juke Box at any given time.

This page enables readers of the PBGB Blog to track the contributions that  people have made to the songs that currently appear on the PBGB Juke Box or in a PBGB video’.

Blog readers who click on the name of any contributing ‘artiste’ will be taken to a page dedicated to that particular person.

The individual musician’s pages outline which songs the musician appears on, what they contributed, a brief history of the musical life of that person, and links to other websites that provide more background.

So go ahead and click on any of the names you see below. Have a trawl. Enjoy

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