Tam Huu Nguyen

bài hát thứ hai của Tam - Guitar and Vocal 
bài hát tién hai của Tam - Guitar and Vocal 
Tam is the owner of the 'Guitar Hawaii' cafe / bar in the town of Hoi An, in Quang Nam province, Vietnam. 
Tam studied music at the Hue University of Arts in the ancient capital of Hue after finishing high school in his home town of Hoi An. 
In 1997, he became a well-known guitarist among higher education students in Vietnam - his student band Co La (Strange Grass) won the consolidation prize in the 1997 National Unplugged Music Contest. Co La was also voted most impressive band in that student competition thanks to their performance of The Eagles' Hotel California. 
Tam plays guitar at his café every night. “My motive in opening a coffee bar is to play music,” he says. By encouraging both locals and visitors to jump up onto the stage, Tam gets to play with people from all over the world. 
Tam............welcome to the PBGB Family ! Hope to see you again soon, either in The Shed or at Guitar Hawaii !!

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