Colleen Spillane

At Last - Vocal
Triste - Vocal
Colleen studied singing at The Australian Institute of Music ( Sydney ) and the University of Western Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Honours). 
Since moving to Pambula, Colleen, a much admired jazz vocalist, has performed with many top class musicians at shows including the Merimbula Jazz Festival, and the Down South Jazz Club. 
Colleen first came to our notice when she became a regular feature artist with the brilliant Steve Clark Trio. Colleen went on to team up with PBGB Family Members Mandy Siegel and Stacey Mills in the all gal 'Queen Tide' combo. More recently, Colleen has played a stellar part in The Figmentz 'Celebration of Joe Cocker' spectaculars which have wowed audiences and repeatedly packed the local Bowling Club's 400 punter auditorium. Colleen is also a star attraction in The Figmentz 'Soul Shakedown' show. On top of that Colleen and Stacey now make very welcome regular guest appearances at Figz gigs. Bonus !! 
If you Google Colleen Spillane you will come across numerous references, including a video of her brilliant performance at the 'Farewell to Mark Bolsius' show shortly before Mark, much to our dismay, moved on from Merimbula. 
We had been hoping Colleen would find her way to the PBGB Shed, and it finally happened when Colleen told us she and her friend Chris Komorowski were teaming up to perform a series of gigs around Merimbula with the Dorian Mode Hammond Trio. While Chris was in town they found time to slip into The Shed and record a couple of songs. Listen to how spectacularly well their recordings turned out by clicking on the titles at the top of this page. 
Welcome to the PBGB Family Colleen! Come on back anytime old time you fancy Ma'am.

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