The Dave and Sam Crowden Project

Welcome to the Dave and Sam Crowden Project Page.
Click on the titles to listen to Dave and Sam’s recordings. 
The Island ( Original by Dave Crowden ) 
Dili Nights ( Original by Dave Crowden )  
Batecaixa ( A traditional Brazilian dance song )  
Benzinho ( Portugese for Beloved ) 
All four songs feature both Sam and Dave on guitars. 
Dave has been coming along to The PBGB Shed since mid 2011, and has contributed bass lines to some of The Shed’s finest recordings and videos. You can see Dave weaving his bass line magic on the two Garry Carson Jones Project videos by clicking on ‘The Videos’ icon on the right of your screen. 
Until now we had not featured Dave on guitar. So we asked Dave if he might care to record a couple of songs featuring his fine acoustic guitar playing. In fact, being very family friendly, we thought it would be great if Dave and his son Sam came and played some songs together. 
We knew Sam was a fine guitarist, and so it all made sense to us. 
You can read all about Sam and his musical skills by clicking here.
We hope you agree that Sam and Dave play beautiful music together. 
We welcome Sam to the PBGB Family ( he has his tee shirt ! ), and hope that both Sam and Dave come back to The Shed for more fun and musical adventures.

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