Wednesday, 21 June 2017



Tony's been  a regular Shedder for over a year now. He came to The Shed as a bass player, but he had a few original tunes up his sleeve. And he likes to sing. He's also very keen to master the black art of production. Earlier this year we posted 'First Class Ticket', a song Tony wrote, sang, played bass on, and produced. Pretty handy fellow to have around !!

For his second original offering,  YOU AND THE BLUES, Tony asked Kerry to sing lead and Jock to provide back-up vocals.  Nice teamwork Tony !

You And The Blues is Jock's PBGB debut. Well done Jock !!  Welcome aboard the good ship PBGB !

Jock wandered into The Shed late last year, and is now a very welcome regular. We had heard about Jock through her appearances at the Candelo Blues Club Sunday jams. Word was that Jock could really belt out a blues, and that became very evident as soon as she sidled up to a mic. and let fly. Jock brings a truckload of enthusiasm........ she's great fun to make music with. We can't wait for Jock to feature as lead vocalist on one of our this space, won't be long.

Kerry has added her vocals to a half a dozen PBGB songs now, including a couple of her own originals. She really enjoys afternoons in The Shed and seems to be feeling right at home.

Anyway, Kerry and Jock are showing real promise working together..............a powerful synergy............don't you agree ?

Tony explains that You And The Blues tells the age old story of how people are attracted to musicians, but sometimes grow tired of the commitment to music that comes with the territory. That commitment frequently involves many late nights, expenses, trips away, and, well, the word obsession springs to mind. It is no coincidence that the very first PBGB Value reads "Family First.....No rock and roll widows or neglected children here please".  So yea Tony, we know where you're coming from !

You And The Blues is Tony's second shot at producing a PBGB song. He's putting hard yards into mastering the ins and outs of production, and it shows.

On Tony's 'You and the Blues'...............

Kerry Hynes sings the Lead Vocals
Jock Logus sings Backing Vocals
Tony Green wrote it, plays Bass and did the Production work
Dawson Graham plays his Resonator Guitar
Steve Faggotter plays Lead Guitar
Graham Brown plays the Percussion parts, and
Pete plays the Drums.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


PBGB Blog followers will know that many of our songs start out with just a groove, or a riff, or a clutch of lyrics. It is a great product of the collaborative and supportive nature of The Shed that a shred of an idea will bloom, with input from here there and everywhere, into a song we are all happy with.

It is also the nature of The Shed that different people participate in different songs.............not everybody gets involved in all of our songs. 'Side projects' abound.

In the case of BiiK, Pete had a drum and bass groove, and an 'interlude', floating around in his scone. Couldn't get rid of it in fact. He  practiced up the drum patterns and turned to Neil for help marrying the drums and bass together.

Neil got that sorted tout suite.

From there on it just developed from a flurry of emails, experiments, test tastings and floated ideas.

Communicating musical ideas via emails is not easy, and there were many times Pete thought Neil might come down the hill with an axe. But in fact, Neil displayed incredible patience and understanding as they hammered the song together piece by piece.

So, as you might gather, this was not recorded 'live in The Shed'. Nope. Far from it. This is more a product of Neil's 'Jiguma Studio'.  All Neil took away from The Shed were three or four drum patterns and some weird 'Pete' ideas.  The rest was all pieced together at his place. Painstakingly. Step by step. With much trepidation on both sides.

But it was very exciting when we both went "yes !" and we had another piece locked in.


BiiK is the result of an extended collaboration between Pete and Neil.

Pete had the rough concept, and a few drum and bass patterns in his head. He played the drums.

Neil did everything else.....................great suggestions, guitar, bass, dulcimer, and all the Production work.

They are delighted.  What do you think ?  Have a listen by clicking HERE.

Oh.....................people asked "what is the song going to be called ?"............."BiiK" ..............what does BiiK mean ?

Buggered If I Know.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Sometimes things just pop up and end with a really good outcome.  This song is the result of one such situation.

PBGB occasionally gets the opportunity to work with young local musicians who are just starting out on their musical journey - Jack Biilmann, Matt Burroughs, Lockie Marson to name a few.  We do this to help them by giving them a first recording experience and maybe a few mp3s of their songs.

Alice Wiebe's name came up in the local bakery, owned by Alice's parents, and after a brief discussion and a recommendation from Graham Wykes at Sapphire FM, we agreed to give Alice an hour in The Shed to put down a song or two.

We had no expectations as far as what we might be able to record or how long it might take.

Alice came in, sat down and knocked over three songs, one of which was this original "Winter Clothes", which, like all three songs, was recorded on the first take!  Alice played guitar.  On this song, virtually no engineering was required. 

It was a real pleasure recording this and meeting Alice, who at only 16, seems to have an interesting musical journey ahead of her.

We hope to be able to do more recording with Alice in the future.

Produced by Neil Porter at the PBGB Shed in Pambula Beach, NSW, Australia

Listen HERE.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Neil's been scratching around in the PBGB archives again. 

Just as he did recently with 'Wood You Like Chips With That' and 'Under The Southern Cross', Neil has unearthed a song that was recorded way back when but never seemed to make it onto the PBGB Blog. 

Not sure quite when Cold Black Heart was recorded (it was mid 2014 - Editor), but Neil has dusted it off,and given it a bit of a spruce up. 

Have a listen HERE.

Neil wrote it, sang it, and played the guitar, bass and keyboards. 

Pete played the drums. 

The lyrics tell the story. 

Enjoy !!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Just a cuppla days ago we had a rather unusual combo of people in The Shed. Sometimes the same players just don't get together for what seems ages.  

Anyway, Dawson gazed around the room, noticed Brother John Drews had his 'keyboard with the lot' on board, and figured we might just have a great line-up for his song The Ute Broke Down.

We'd been kicking The Ute around for a while, trying different feels and sounds, and sort of saw it as a fun thing that shouldn't be taken too seriously. But John had never played it, and Neil hadn't played it for yonks.

Anyway, we jumped in, belted up, and pressed the starter button. John hit the honky tonk toggle, and away we went.

Neil took it home and sent out a straight off the desk, no fidgets version just to see what we thought.

Well sometimes the first takes are the best. Seems there is just adrenaline and anxiety that creates tension when a group of people try out a song for the first time................not knowing quite what to do..........hanging on for dear life.................making it up as you go.

We thought this was just such a moment and decided to post it exactly as it came off the desk.................quick mix.............done.

Sounds like THIS   

The story is..............well the ute broke down pretty much says it all !

Hope ya like it !

Dawson wrote it, sang it, and twanged the Resonator
Neil (Bass ) and Pete ( Drums )  laid down a Pambula Beach New Orleansy bed.
John honky tonked the Piano

Lemme tell ya............THAT was fun !!!

Sunday, 23 April 2017


A few of the Shed regulars did some extracurricular activities last week.  Here are shots of Kerry, Mick and Dawson - don't have one for Steve, who helped out with Jackson Fisher.

PBGBer Kerry at the Taraganda's Got Talent event.

PBGBers Mick and Dawson at the Candelo Festival.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


It's not unusual for a PBGB song to emerge from the barest snippet of an idea.

In the case of When Ya Gunna, the snippet was a groove Pete was fiddling with. The beat became  'Groove in G'. We'd been kicking it around for a cuppla weeks when Brother John Drews dropped in for one of his very welcome visits.

John set hisself up and dropped in on our Groove In G.

Well, as often happens, John's twiddles turned a jam into something worth working with.

We had the recorder on.  Neil decided to take the results home.

Next thing we knew Neil had added some scones and cream to the jam......... lyrics and vocals.

We liked it.

'Groove in G' had morphed into 'When Ya Gunna ?'

Goes like THIS   

Hope y'all dig it !

Pete gave up the groove
John Drews hammered the Hammond
Neil Porter wrote and sang the lyrics, played the bass. Produced it.
Graham Brown hit percussion thingies
Steve Faggotter Telecasted the lead break

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Kerry has been a regular Shedder for going on a year now. Until recently she had sung lead and back-up vocals on four PBGB songs, one of which, 'Sugar', she wrote herself.

Kerry digs The Shed. She loves coming on down and getting stuck into whatever project we have going on. Kerry is also a strong believer in what the Shed stands for, and happily stretches herself in her quest to improve her vocal performances and her song writing skills. Suits us just fine - learning is what The Shed is all about. Besides, Kerry always has a big smile on her dial!

Now, Kerry is very proud to present her second original composition. It's called 'Away'. We kicked it around for a while, then turned on the recorder.

The song is a very personal one for Kerry.  The story behind it, in Kerry's own words, goes like this:

"My father was given away at birth. He was a love child, born out of wedlock in the 1920s. That was a shameful experience back in those days, and my grandmother and her family found it all too overwhelming.  As a result my father and I never knew his parents. The circumstances of Dad's birth were kept a family secret.  His name was Clancy, and, true story, I was raised to believe I was a descendant of “Clancy of the Overflow”. 

Dad did eventually track down his father and front him, but that man denied his parenthood.  Dad also tracked down his mother and met her when he was 28. Mum wanted to stay in touch, but it was too painful for Dad to learn that as a child he had lived in an orphanage not far from where she lived and yet she had never visited.

Despite these difficult beginnings, my father always had a smile on his face and an indomitable spirit.

This song has been cathartic for me in coming to terms with abandonment."

Thanks for sharing this very personal song with us Kerry.  Listen to how Kerry expresses her feelings about all this by clicking on AWAY.

Kerry wrote and sang Away
Mick Nadin played the harp
Gus Washbourne played guitar
Neil Porter played bass and organ, and produced the song
Pete played the drums

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


 When we found the then unpublished version of 'Under The Southern Cross' languishing in the PBGB archives ............  see the story by scrolling down to the blog post dated February 17, 2017...............we wondered what other unpublished songs might be  gathering dust down there in the archives.

Neil thought he'd have a look, crawled in, and before long stuck his head up with THIS.

'Wood You Like Chips With That ?'  is a song we wrote specifically for a gig we played at the Tanja Hall way back in........way back in............somebody help me here please..............anyway, let's say 2010.  Back then, Neil, Chris Ralfs, Gus and Pete were The Shed Regulars.

Anyway we got a call from a local environment care group..............somebody help me again please.......who were putting on a fund raiser and they asked us if we would play a set.

Well we in The Shed have our hearts and minds in the right  place as far as the environment goes, so we set about putting some songs together. In fact we decided to write a song especially for the occasion.

The woodchip industry is very much an 'in your face' local environmental issue around these here parts, what with the Eden Woodchip Mill being just down the road, the recent scalping of the forests at the top of Brown Mountain, and the constant stream of logging trucks that rumble through Pambula Village. Three of our favourite things really...........not !

So we wrote this little ditty, and with a  nod to Macca's, called it  'Wood You Like Chips With That ? '

Neil wrote the music, sang it, played guitar and organ and produced the final product
Gus played guitar
Chris played bass
Pete wrote the lyrics, and played the drums. 

We hope you like it.......................the Eco-Warriors did. Best as we remember anyway.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


 Neil's fifth CD, "Looking Like The Real Thing" became available at the start of 2017.

It contains 15 original songs from the last two years, which were written in Pambula Beach, Australia and Ougney-Douvot in France.  Many of the songs have had mp3 versions available for a little while in various locations, but this is the first release of CD quality aif tracks of any of the 15 songs.  You may have already heard tracks from "Looking Like The Real Thing" on local radio - thanks Graham, Henry and Fraser.  All recorded and produced in Neil's jigumastudio except for some of "Snake Oil", which was recorded in the PBGB Shed.

Apart from two tracks where Jan joins in on harmony vocal, and "Snake Oil" which features members of PBGB (Peter Reid on drums, Kerry Hynes on vocal and Mick Nadin on harmonica), all instruments and vocals are performed by Neil.  Style ranges between fairly straight-up rock and old school RnB with a couple of outliers - including a little Bavarian disco  ;)

You can listen to it from the player below or go to the CD's BandCamp page and read lyrics, view track info, and even buy it there at a ridiculously low price.

Possibly Neil's best collection of original songs so far.